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The mnemonic E.A.R.T.H helps to remember the five basic objectives of the CHHC.They are:

1. Experience - To experience dialogue with creation connected to the other aspects of dialogue as a base to serve those who are in need, and as a concrete expression of dialogue as love in action and sometimes love in silence, attending to the health care needs of people with compassionate heart and skills.

2. Assist – To assist those who need basic health care, giving special attention to preventive care and the use of natural medicines. Assistance will also be provided for people with illnesses of other categories.

3. Research – To conduct research on traditional practices of medicine with a special attention given to herbs, plants and food. Research findings will be shared with other researchers to validate and disseminate useful information.

4. Training – To train people who have the heart to serve, especially those sent to our modular training by barangay health centers, groups, NGOs, institutions. The training design will include basic health care, use and preparation of natural/herbal medicine, alternative medicine like acupuncture and other practices, spiritual “therapy”, including seminars on trauma healing and other forms of therapy.

5. Harmony – To harmonize the different components: experience, assistance, research and training to serve people and spread this new approach of holistic health care as an expression of dialogue and a contribution toward a sustainable peace.